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Upcoming Auditions for Broadway On Tour

Auditions for Peter Pan

Presented by special arrangement with Samuel French


The full Broadway musical.

All part open to males and females ages 8 to 20

AUDITIONS ARE: Saturday July 30th at 10:00AM


LOCATION: Ebell Theater, 625 French Street, Santa Ana, CA 92701

PERFORMANCE DATES: Saturdays & Sundays at 2:00 PM

September 24,25 October 1,8, and 9.

September 30 community show

REHEARSALS:  Mondays and Wednesdays from 6:30 PM-9:00 PM and Saturdays from 9:00AM-4:00PM

All rehearsals up until tech week are at OCEAA in Santa Ana. Tech week rehearsals and all performances are at the Ebell Theater

Please see below for information on participation fees, parent participation,

audition preparation, rehearsal schedules, and full details.

See full audition details and requirements below.


Directions to Theater


For other questions about auditions, contact us or visit our FAQ page.

Other theaters holding auditions can be found on our Theater Links page.



The information below is general reference material for all our auditions.

  • Auditions are free of charge and completely open to the public. You don't need to make an appointment, just show up on the audition date and be prepared as described below.

  • You need to chose and prepare a song for your audition. You can not just sing acappella - we have to hear you sing with music. You can choose any Broadway show tune or old standard song - or a song from the show we're auditioning. A new popular song you hear on the radio isn't usually a good choice. You must bring either sheet music for the song or a CD without vocals (like a Karaoke version), or the music on your MP3 player or phone.  We have some suggestions about finding songs and music on our FAQ page. There are online resources to download MP3 tracks on our links page. If you bring sheet music, a piano accompanist will be available at auditions to play for you. You MUST have a prepared song to audition.

  • Wear comfortable clothes to move freely in, you will learn a simple dance and may read from a script. 

  • Be prepared to list date conflicts you might have with other school performance or sports groups.

  • Have a parent or guardian present  to sign permission slips.

  • There is no charge to audition. If you are cast, our participation fee is currently $150 and covers instruction, costumes, insurance, and a memory book. Scholarships are available. Parents are asked to perform 20 hours of pre-show labor (per family) doing publicity, set construction, costume sewing, or whatever they can contribute. Parents also help with ushering and backstage tasks during the run of the show. Deposits of $100 for pre-show hours and $100 for show-run hours are required per family. These are refunded when parents meet their work-hour requirements. Parents who know they won't be able to meet the hour requirements can forfeit the deposits up front and we'll use hired labor to work their hours.

  • At BOT we have no problem with actors listing only the roles they will accept. We understand that kids are all busy and have other options for performance and activities. We do ask that if you do specify a role, and you are given that role, please accept the role. Changing your mind a few days after auditions is not fair to the other kids trying out for that part, or the director and staff who may have to re-shuffle the whole cast or find a replacement.

  • Rehearsal schedule is Saturdays from 9AM to 3PM, and Monday and Wednesday evenings from about 6:30PM until 9PM. That schedule usually starts the Saturday after auditions and continues up until the week before the show opens - usually about 6 weeks. Not all characters are called to every rehearsal. The final week before opening , there are dress rehearsals every night from about 6:30PM until 10PM.

  • Shows run Saturdays and Sundays for three or four weekends.

  • If your just getting into Children's Theater, you may want to read the information on our About Us page before surfing off to look at other organizations. Things to consider are:

  •  - Location (driving how many times a week for how many weeks)

     - Participation costs

     - Cast sizes

     - Number of performances and how many actors share a role

  • Our goal is to help kids learn to act, but we also must provide a quality show worth our ticket price to continue to exist. We can't give a part to everyone who auditions. We do encourage you to come out and try, even if you've never acted before. You always learn something at an audition, even if you don't get cast for the show. Another thing to consider is that our one hour shows are the best place to "break in" to children's theater. Don't wait to audition for your favorite part in "Annie" or "Grease" as a first attempt. We get a large turnout at the big show auditions, and many of the kids have a lot of stage experience.


Click Here to see show dates and descriptions.


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